All of the plans are guaranteed to result in better sleep for your whole family!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Am I taking new clients?

Yes I am now accepting clients. Consults are available at various times. Calendar availability will be added as it becomes available. You can also use that link to book a free 15 minute intro call with me. Spots will go fast so don’t hesitate! If you want a time slot that isn’t shown, please email me.

2. Do you use “Cry It Out”?

No. My sleep training methods are NOT about cry-it-out. Instead, I tell you how to optimize the nap times, bed times, and the actual steps of the bedtime routine to minimize crying.  The biggest part we focus on is HOW your child falls asleep, and I support you to eliminate those sleep associations that are not helping your family stay well-rested.  

3. When do I start the plan?

I leave this up to my clients to decide when it works for them. After our initial call or in-home visit, you can start the plan anytime you’d like even if it is days/weeks later. My support and coaching starts after you start the plan. I hold your hand the entire way!  

4. What if it doesn’t work for my baby?

99% of my families see amazing results in two weeks or less. I work with families until I’m satisfied that things are as good as they can be given the child’s age and temperament. Mom and Dad should be ready to commit to the plan and your baby should not have any medical issues that would impede sleep training.

5. What results can I expect with sleep training ?

-Your baby (4 months – around 7 months) can learn to sleep 11-12 hours and wake for 1 feed (we can do as many feeds as you want) &  take the appropriate amount of naps,  each being 1-2 hours

-Your baby (8 months and up) can learn to sleep 11 – 12 hours at night and & take the appropriate amount of naps,  each being 1-2 hours

-Your toddler can learn to sleep 11-12 hours at night and have a restful nap of 1-2 hours

-Your preschooler (up to age 3yrs) can learn to sleep 11-12 hours and we work to ensure they take a restful nap that doesn’t interfere with bedtime

-Your child (age 3 – 5yrs) can learn to go to bed easily and sleep the whole night

NOTE: All of my plans take time and consistency, with my coaching and support through the entire plan you can do it!

6. What kind of reviews do you have?


7. What are your qualifications as a Baby Sleep Consultant?

Certified by the Family Sleep Institute since 2013!
A Certified Parent Coach® since 2017!
A Child Behaviour Specialist with The Early Years Inc.  since 2018!

I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of families in Saskatchewan and around the world to get their little ones sleeping, with proven results.  I guarantee my work and will commit to my clients until results are evident.

I am a Certified Child Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute. This gives me the knowledge required to offer customized solutions that work for your child’s age and stage of development.

I am a Certified Parent Coach (Parent Coach International/Seattle Pacific University). This one-year graduate level program gives me the insight needed to understand the complexities involved in parenting, and help you define your parenting identity and achieve your parenting goals.

Since 2018 I’ve been providing consults to parents as a Child Behaviour Specialist (The Early Years Inc.).  This gives me the knowledge to advise parents on the proper positive discipline tools to use when faced with behaviour challenges. I focus on every day solutions that can make your parenting journey easier; I give you the words you need to use when facing these daunting parenting challenges.  I am by no means a perfect parent, but we are all on this journey together!

I live in Saskatoon SK Canada with husband and two daughters, ages 13 & 10. I’ve seen it all! Nothing can surprise me. I love parenting and all the unique challenges that come with it. It’s the hardest job, with no manual! But reaching out for help is the first step in rekindling your joy in parenting!

 I use science-backed approaches. I don’t subscribe to any one sleep training method. I consult with you, the parent, on what method to use because you know your child and parenting style best. I can tell you exactly how to use the sleep training method correctly. One of my strengths is troubleshooting naps and night time struggles, once we have started the plan. I can usually figure your little one out:)

8. What is your philosophy regarding baby sleep training?….

Mom and Dad need to be happy and well rested in order to parent well.  I am completely devoted to your success as a parent, and helping you achieve your family’s sleep goals – a full night’s sleep for you, and an age appropriate nap and bedtime schedule for your little one. I am not attached to any one company or method of sleep training.

My mission is to work with families to find a personalized solution, not a quick fix, to solve your child’s sleep dilemmas. Because it’s not just about sleep. Working with me will help you discover your parenting identity. My advice will differ based on your child’s age, your parenting style, and your family routine. I work independently and provide the highest quality one on one personalized service to all my clients.

In terms of philosophy, I will share this: babies and children need to go into their cribs/beds fully awake. This is so they recognize the environment and can put themselves back to sleep easily in the night. Yes, every person wakes up in the night. The only difference is that we as adults have had so many years to practice putting ourselves back to sleep. All sleep training does is allow the baby/child a chance to practice the skill of putting themselves back to sleep. They are comfortable and know that you are close by and they trust their routine. Of course, we always build in the correct amount of night time feeds as needed, and recommended by your doctor.



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