Potty Readiness?


Picky eating?

Sibling Rivalry?

Hitting or Biting?

Bedtime Battles?**

Suitable for ages 2.5 and up

I am now offering Child Behaviour Consults, using positive discipline/guidance methods. I am a graduate of the Child Behaviour Certification Program through The Early Years Inc. Our goal is to work together for our children. This purchase includes the intake questionnaire, one hour on the phone where we address your specific concerns and discuss positive guidance parenting in general; and a written recap delivered within two business days. Learn positive ways to handle sibling rivalry, potty readiness, fussy eaters, bedtime battles, speaking so they will listen, and gaining cooperation.


Book a 90 minute phone or video Child Behaviour Consult
Price: $150.00

Includes a very detailed customized follow up recap and  few e-mails to track your child’s progress.

**Note: if your behaviour struggles are mostly surrounding bedtime battles with your child (between 2.5-12 YRS), note that discussing bedtime battles and the corresponding solution that will work for your family takes the entire 1.5 hour call. 

Consider booking a second Child Behaviour consult to discuss additional behaviour questions you may have. I have plenty of insight to offer for any and all parenting challenges.