Potty Readiness?


Picky eating?

Sibling Rivalry?

Hitting or Biting?

Bedtime Battles?

I am now offering a PARENT SUPPORT PACKAGE, using positive discipline/guidance methods. I am a graduate of the Child Behaviour Certification Program through The Early Years Inc. Our goal is to work together for our children.

The Parent Support Package is for age 2.5 years and up, to discuss your behaviour concerns (NOT SLEEP related). Includes an intake, consult and one follow up zoom. We discuss a behaviour plan in detail, and I give you the tools you need to handle anything that comes up. This can be for potty training, sibling rivalry, picky eating, tantrums, gaining general cooperation, etc. 

If the problem is around sleep, please book the Sleep Support Package. 


75 minute Child Behaviour Consult via Zoom / $225 CDN

Perfect if:

  • You want a call with me to discuss positive discipline and behaviour tools that can actually work for your family
  • You want to discuss specific scenarios
  • You want a written recap

You will be equipped to tackle everything from tantrums, bedtime battles , potty readiness, temper tantrums, sibling rivalry and picky eating. 

I can bring you the important tools you need to learn how to discipline without losing your temper while maintaining a great relationship with your child.