Potty Readiness?


Picky eating?

Sibling Rivalry?

Hitting or Biting?

Bedtime Battles?

I am now offering a PARENT SUPPORT PACKAGE, using positive discipline/guidance methods. I am a graduate of the Child Behaviour Certification Program through The Early Years Inc. Our goal is to work together for our children.

90 minute Child Behaviour Consult via Zoom / $225 CDN

Perfect if:

  • You want a call with me to discuss positive discipline and behaviour tools that can actually work for your family
  • You want to discuss specific scenarios
  • You want a written recap

You will be equipped to tackle everything from tantrums, bedtime battles , potty readiness, temper tantrums, sibling rivalry and picky eating. 

I can bring you the important tools you need to learn how to discipline without losing your temper while maintaining a great relationship with your child.

If you want the two weeks of follow up support/texting with me, please book my Sleep Support Package.