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[2.5 YR OLD + 6 MO siblings]


Wondering what my clients are saying about working with me?

(for this client’s 5 month old baby)
I had previously used Kristal for help with sleep training for my 2 year old son. He had such great success with her program, so I decided to get Kristal’s help with our 5 month old son.  We weren’t having any sleep issues with him per se, but I wanted to make sure I did it the right way this time around so we weren’t struggling when he was 2!  We started the training about 3 weeks ago, and it only took a few days to get the new routine down. Now putting both of our kids to bed is a breeze, and most nights my husband and I are “kid free” by 8pm!

(for this client’s 2 yr old child)
We hired Kristal to help us sleep train our 2y old son, and we decided to hire her again when we started having some challenges regarding mealtimes.  It was a total nightmare to get him to the table, always a fight.  Kristal had some really great suggestions to help us get him excited about coming to the table and eating with us. Most meals now we are able to get him to come willingly and he even is trying almost everything we put in front of him.  Kristal is an incredible resource and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with losing sleep or frustration with a child’s behavior!

Thanks again Kristal for all of your help. Not only are my husband and I so happy with the results, my mom is in constant disbelief in the changes with G at mealtimes and sleeping for both kids. 

Here are more snippets and testimonials:

“As a mom, you are expected to know everything. You read read read to make sure you are the expert of your child because minus dad, you are it.

I had read and gathered advice about every sleep training method out there and I tried and tried to be my baby’s sleep expert. Turns out what I was missing was confidence. I knew everything but I didn’t have the confidence to follow through with the methods properly. Also I would frantically google, read and ask friends when it came to the gray areas of sleep training and because I couldn’t get clear answers fast enough it would often cause me to make a wrong move and feel like I’d failed.

Out of desperation, I humbly turned to Kristal Miller, Element Baby Sleep Consultant, highly recommended by two trusted families, for an in-home consult and two weeks of coaching. As I’m sure every single person she’s ever helped has said or thought, I wish I had met her sooner.

She is a much better expert at all the sleep training methods than I could’ve ever hoped to become. She got to know me, my baby, my family and matched us with a winning method that gave us results within hours.

It was hard, but I didn’t need to be expected to know everything when it came to this and that in itself was a relief. I leaned entirely on her knowledge and experience until I built my own. I trusted her because I saw results and I grew confident thanks to that. Her experience gave me faith and courage, the results gave me hope and strength.

After a series of illnesses, my 17 month old went from waking up to 5 times per night often being brought into our bed for sanity’s sake and napping in-arms-only, to being put down awake at 7pm without a peep and sleeping until 6am. We are still working on her naps but so far I’m very hopeful they’ll soon be just as pleasant as nighttime.

Can’t thank you enough!”

-Roxanne, mom of 16 month old girl

“Thanks again for all of your help. We feel like we have our lives back and are no longer constantly exhausted!”

–Andrea (mom of 5.5 month old girl)

“The naps went great today. 54 minute morning one and a 59 minute afternoon one. She slept for about 22 minutes for her cat nap. So overall good day!”

-Laura (mom of 6 month old girl)

“My husband and I feared the clock ticking closer to bed time until we decided to get help from Kristal! We had tried everything in our power to get our son to sleep in his own crib, but had failed miserably every time. I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed so I decided to enroll in Kristal’s Parent Sleep Coaching workshop. Kristal provided my husband and I will the tools, support, and confidence to help our son sleep in his crib. By night five, he was sleeping 11 hours straight and taking 2 hour naps during the day! I cannot thank Kristal enough for helping us get the sleep we so desperately needed!”

-Marissa (mom of 8 month old boy)

“We were so grateful for Kristal’s expertise and support throughout the process of helping our little man learn to sleep on his own. We spent 9 months co-sleeping with him, and while I cherished that time with him, the long nights of hourly wakings were taking their toll on us. We contacted Kristal and she came up with a plan that we were comfortable with and after three nights of implementing the plan, our son went from waking 5-10 times per night to only waking once, as well as from only napping with us, to napping on his own. It was such an amazing transformation.  However, our story doesn’t end there. Right in the middle of our training, our son picked up his first flu bug. This was such an awful thing to happen at any time, but also when he was just learning how to sleep on his own. Through some long nights and days, Kristal supported us through email, texts, and phone calls; made suggestions as a sleep coach and as a mom; and ensured that we survived our little man’s illness without ruining all of the progress he had made with his sleep. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her! Now, at 10 months, he’s sleeping 11-12 hours per night and having two solid naps per day. Also, he knows how to sleep even while travelling which I was terrified to do prior to his training. We are thrilled with our experience working with Kristal.”

-Krissy (mom of 9 month old boy)

“Kristal has changed our lives. Before contacting her, we were desperate. We had a 16 month old that refused to sleep in a crib and refused to sleep alone. My husband and I would take turns each night, deciding who got to sleep for that night, this was all while both working FT demanding jobs. We tried to sleep train on our own, but lacked consistency and it fell apart. Kristal took the time to understand the background of our situation and truly cared about our success. Success wasn’t just getting our son to sleep at all costs, it was the gentlest path to success and I feel like that really set us up to succeed. We have remained consistent on the routine that Kristal helped us create and it has worked! Thank you so much, you have truly helped us get our lives back.”

-Cait (mom of 17 month old boy)

“I couldn’t be happier with how much progress my daughter has made within only a week of implementing our sleep plan from Kristal. Our 8 month old daughter has always been a good night time sleeper with a preference for me, her mom, putting her down. Our biggest challenge was when it came to nap time. We desperately struggled to get her to take long restful naps. Nap lengths varying from 20-40 min and leading up to nap time it was circus act trying anything to get her go down: rocking, nursing, swaying and even leaving her to cry. With a few simple tweaks to our routine, and yes you read that right, both my husband or I are able to put her down for both nap time and bedtime. Our routine now takes tops 5 min and I am happy to report she remains to be sleeping 10-12 hours at night and taking 1.5-2 hour naps morning and afternoon. Our family is so thankful for all your help and constant support on getting our little one to nap better.”

-Brooke (mom of 8.5 month old girl)

“Our baby, Kieran, was an incredibly content newborn and slept quite well until he was about 3 months old.  Once he started teething, he was much harder to put to sleep and he no longer slept as soundly.  He started to reject sleeping in his bassinet, and we ended up reactionary co-sleeping for several months, which neither I nor my husband was comfortable with.  By time Kieran was 6 months old, we were putting him to sleep in his carseat for most naps and bedtimes, and if that didn’t work, we had to endure hours of crying before he would give in and fall asleep.  Once he did fall asleep, he was still waking approximately every 3-4 hours to nurse at night.

I was initially hesitant to try sleep training because I wasn’t comfortable with the thought of leaving Kieran to cry if he was experiencing teething pain.  (He had 6 teeth by the time he was 7 month old, so we had endured some pretty tough weeks of teething!)  At Kieran’s 6 month check-up, I mentioned to his doctor that he was quite irritable and fussy during the day.  I wasn’t sure whether his fussiness was related to teething or being overtired, or maybe a combination of both, but he was definitely not the happy and content baby that we enjoyed for the first few months.  Kieran’s doctor suggested that sleeping training might be a good idea, and reassured me that he was of an appropriate age and size to be sleeping through the night.

Although I hadn’t done much research about sleep training, I had heard enough online and from other moms to know that it can be somewhat of a controversial topic.  After getting the go-ahead from our doctor, I started with a little bit of online reading and became quickly overwhelmed and confused.  There were so many different theories and methods of sleep training, as well as numerous articles warning of the “dangers” of sleep training.  

Our first consultation with Kristal was extremely informative, and she was very confident that her program would work for Kieran.  I was hopeful, but I have to admit that a part of me wondered whether Kieran could actually sleep soundly despite his teething discomfort or whether he could go from nursing every 3 hours to 12 hours between feeds.  I thought to myself, “I’m sure Kristal’s never worked with a baby that has struggled with teething as much as my baby has”, but we knew that consistency was going to be the key to our success, so we committed to Kristal’s program.

We were amazed at how quickly Kieran’s sleep patterns adapted to Kristal’s program.  We had prepared ourselves for several nights of crying, but the first night went much better than expected, and he was sleeping through the night by the third night.  His daytime naps came around really quickly, as well.  We found Kristal’s program to be very easy to follow, and we really appreciated having a detailed plan to follow in any situation that arose.

After the second or third night of training, my husband asked me, “This seems pretty easy…don’t you think we could have just found this information on the Internet?”  I agreed that we probably could have found pieces of Kristal’s plan online or in books (buried amongst a plethora of other, sometimes contradictory, sleep training information), but what “Dr. Google” can’t provide is all of the encouragement, reassurance, and tips that we received in our phone calls and emails from Kristal.  After we suffered through a major “4th night regression”, I sent Kristal a very guilty email about feeling bad for letting Kieran cry for so long and also feeling bad about eventually breaking “the rules” and taking him out of his crib to comfort him.  Kristal replied with the most comforting and supportive email and even offered to call to discuss (even though it wasn’t one of our scheduled phone call days).  

Today, Kieran is sleeping soundly through the night and enjoying 2 restful naps each day.  It is amazing how much happier he is during the day.  And I have to admit that Kristal was right…a well-rested baby can sleep through any amount of teething pain.  Our days of having naps in grocery store parking lots and the hours of crying at bedtime are a very distant memory, and we are so thankful that we have a happy and healthy baby that knows how to put himself to sleep.  We have much less anxiety about leaving Kieran with a babysitter, and we love having our evenings to ourselves again.  I think all moms like to think that their baby is special and unique, but when it comes to sleep, I think much is universal.  Kristal’s plan worked amazingly well for us, and we are so grateful!”


“When we started sleep training, my 5 month old son would ONLY sleep on my chest, no matter how many gadgets, methods, etc. I was one exhausted first time mom and starting to lose my sanity! Eventually I started to notice that I wasn’t the only one not getting a good quality sleep – our son didn’t seem to be anymore either.
I heard of Kristal’s sleep training methods and knew she was the right fit for us!

Within a week we had our son sleeping in his crib and it helped so much to have someone there for us anytime to reassure us that we were doing all the right things for our little guy. Without sleep training and the help of a pro like Kristal I am not sure what we would have done, I would definitely recommend her services to any struggling parent. She was very caring and hands on with us, and it really made the difference. Thank you so much Kristal!”
-Rikki (mom of 5 month old)

“She was so wonderful to work with and would very strongly recommend talking to her about any sleep issues you have with your children. First started working with her when my youngest was nearly 6 months old and almost over night our world was completely different with all of us finally getting some sleep. I kicked myself for struggling through all the sleep issues with my oldest, trying to just read books and all the endless info online when I should of just called her to help come up with a plan that was tailored to our family. We also had a follow up session now she is 18 months and my son is 3.5 after getting into some bad habits. Again in less than a week after both kids were sleeping through. She is great to communicate with and we will continue to do more work with her.”

I am one of Canada’s most experienced Certified Baby Sleep Consultants. I offer in home services in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I can also provide remote services internationally!

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