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& Parent Coaching

**Offering Phone/Skype consults anywhere in the world

& In-Home consults in Saskatoon & area**


Do you feel lost when it comes to your little one’s sleep?

Together, we’ll develop a roadmap to better sleep for your entire family!
I use gentle, customized methods to achieve better night sleep & naps.
Options to suit any budget and advice backed by real experience working with families like yours. Serving parents all over Canada!

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I guaranteed my work – offering Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant services (Family Sleep Institute)  &  Certified Parent Coach in-Training services (Parent Coach International/Seattle Pacific University)

Is your baby waking frequently in the night needing to be rocked or fed back to sleep?

Is your baby taking quick cat naps or only napping in your arms?

Do you want your baby to sleep through the night and take restful naps in their crib?

Are you starting to resent bedtime or argue with your partner about your child’s sleep?

Book a free 15 minute sleep evaluation


This will answer your questions about working with me as a Certified Sleep Consultant. We will discuss your current sleep challenges and the positive benefits working with me will have on your family. Who knows, we may even solve your problem with a quick chat!

When you work with me, I provide real, proven, fact-based advice on how to ensure a restful night for you and your child.   When I come to your home or work with you via phone, you get:

  • An evaluation of baby’s room to ensure it is conducive to sleep;
  • Education on:
    • safe sleep practices
    • baby and child sleep patterns
    • when the best time is to put your little ones down
    • how to make bedtime struggle-free
    • how to deal with toddlers and preschoolers popping out of bed
    • nap transitions and changes
    • the reasons you and your child need adequate sleep
    • common pitfalls we all experience as parents
    • what to expect when implementing my sleep plan for your little one
    • how to handle questions from family and friends regarding changes you are making
    • how to ensure adequate sleep for all when traveling
    • how to connect with baby and ensure the routine you decide on works for your family!

It’s not a dream, this can be possible for your family.

I am completely devoted to your success as a parent, and helping you achieve your family’s sleep goals – a full night’s sleep for you, and an age appropriate nap and bedtime schedule for your little one. I am not attached to any one company or method of sleep training.

My mission is to work with families to find a personalized solution, not a quick fix, to solve your child’s sleep dilemmas. Because it’s not just about sleep. Working with me will help you discover your parenting identity. My advice will differ based on your child’s age, your parenting style, and your family routine. I work independently and provide the highest quality one on one personalized service to all my clients.

Is This Right For Your Family?

You’re thinking:

I’m sick of looking online for solutions

Reading other’s stories isn’t helping my situation

I want a solution designed for my family

I can’t figure this out on my own

I don’t have any support outside my home

I’m looking for a long-term solution, not a quick fix

I need the support and a personalized plan

I want to learn about my parenting style and approach

I want to learn more about a positive parenting style

I want a flexible solution that will work within your budget (please inquire about payment plans and discounts)

I want to motivate my child to follow my leadership

Sound great? Book now:

10% off in-home or phone sleep consulting package->>  SCHEDULE NOW

Discount is applied in the online scheduler

My Qualifications

I’ve successfully worked with over 60 families in Saskatchewan and Canada to get their little ones sleeping.

I am a Certified Child Sleep Consultant (Family Sleep Institute). This gives me the knowledge required to offer customized solutions that work for your child’s age and stage of development.

I am a Certified Parent Coach-in-Training (Parent Coach International). This one-year graduate level program gives me the insight needed to understand the complexities involved in parenting, and help you define your parenting identity and achieve your parenting goals.

I have two children myself – ages 4 & 8. I’ve seen it all! Nothing can surprise me. I love parenting and all the unique challenges that come with it. It’s the hardest job, with no manual! But reaching out for help is the first step in rekindling your joy in parenting!