Baby Sleep Consulting

You’re a tired or frustrated parent looking for help.

You are tired of getting up all night and not having any time to yourself during the day (hello short naps!); or, tired of putting your toddler back to bed a thousand times a night. Maybe you are frustrated with tantrums and getting cooperation during the day from your preschooler…

You need answers & sleep but don’t know where to start…

Information online is confusing and contradicts itself (what is “drowsy but awake” anyway!?)

Let me assure you, I have your sleep solutions! My services are designed with one thing in mind – YOUR SLEEP!

I am based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada and can serve tired and frustrated parents all over the world.


Certified in baby & child sleep by the Family Sleep Institute since 2013

Certified Parent Coach® since 2017

Child Behaviour Specialist with The Early Years of Montreal since 2018

My APRIL & may ONLINE schedule is up to date, PLEASE click below to book in. the calendar mainly contains blocks of time available for 60-90 minute consults. a 15 minute call is welcome but not required to book in a consult. if you want to arrange a 15 minute call, please email me and I will find a time to chat prior to getting you booked in.


SLEEP SUPPORT PACKAGE – Virtual 90 minutes:

My Most Popular Package

$339 CDN funds: This includes an intake questionnaire, 90 minute consult, and a sleep plan and/or behaviour recap. Plus, two weeks of texting and two calls. Suitable for ages 5 months – 3 years.

PARENT SUPPORT PACKAGE – Virtual 90 minutes:

$239 CDN funds: For age 3 years and up, to discuss your behaviour concerns. Includes an intake, consult and follow up. We discuss the behaviour plan in detail, and I give you the tools you need to handle anything that comes up. This can be for sleep, potty training, sibling rivalry, picky eating, tantrums, gaining general cooperation, etc.


$399 CDN funds: Same as the virtual package only in your home (must be located in Saskatoon or within a half hour drive). Mileage may be added.


$100 CDN FUNDS: If you are a past client and need help, please book this.


$100 CDN funds: If you want my advice only on how to implement sleep training, how to troubleshoot naps or bedtime, or how to deal with any general parenting issue (toddlers through preschool/kindergarten age), please book this call. This does not come with any formal materials or follow up support. Suitable for ages 5 months (baby) to kindergarten, issues ranging from sleep to behaviour.

How does the consult/package work?

First, the 90-minute consult is booked in by the client online, or we book it in on the 15-minute free call. Payment can be made online during the booking with a credit card. If you prefer e-transfer, please email me first with your preferred time to complete the booking.

Once a consult is booked, I send you the intake questions and a zoom link. We do the consult and you receive a full sleep plan and zoom recordings. Then, when you start the plan is completely up to you. I don’t have an expiry on my support. I support you for a minimum of two weeks to get you all sleeping beautifully! The support is done on Whatsapp with daily texts and two short phone calls that are booked on an as needed basis.

How does the support work?

From Monday – Thursday, text and call support is available prior to 9am and again from 3-9 pm on Whatsapp. I am available all day on Fridays and Saturdays for support. My mission is to support your sleep success and my customer service is second to none!

Providing excellent sleep consulting services in Saskatchewan and beyond since 2013!