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Certified by the Family Sleep Institute since 2013

Certified by The Early Years Child Behaviour Program since 2018

Certified Parent Coach® since 2017

Are you a tired parent? Have you not slept in days, weeks, months or maybe even years?

Have you thought about ‘sleep training’ your baby?

Do you have a toddler or older child still coming to your room at night?

Do you have questions about potty readiness/training, fussy eating, behaviour issues, sibling rivalry?

Rest assured you have come to the right place.

With my support and coaching, sleep is possible! More peaceful parenting is possible!

I offer practical advice and solutions that work for YOU and your child.

I am based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada but can serve parents anywhere in Canada and internationally via Zoom.

Fall Schedule

I provide zoom sessions to parents to fix sleep or behaviour issues under two packages (Sleep Support Package or Parenting Support Package). See below for all the package details. After our initial 1.5 hour zoom consult, you are provided with a very detailed sleep plan and/or behaviour recap (for both packages).

The Sleep Support Package: After you start the plan, I follow up with you for two weeks on zoom, phone, text, or Whatsapp to keep you on track. Two 15 minute calls as well as daily messaging is included. I don’t use sleep logs nor do I count messages. My goal is your success and I do what is needed to help you achieve your goals for your family. Some parents want a lot of hand holding, others not so much. I’m extremely flexible and can meet you where you are at.

The Parent Support Package: This is a 1.5 hour zoom call, full detailed sleep and/or behaviour recap. I am available afterwards to answer a few questions and get updates but daily texting is NOT included.

Wondering how you can book in with me?

APPOINTMENTS and 15-MINUTE INTRO CALLS ARE SCHEDULED in the evenings, during the day on Friday, and select weekends. The available times are shown in my booking system so please go to >>my online calendar<< to book in, don’t delay as spots will go fast. This is kept very up to date. Chat support during your sleep plan is mostly between 4:00pm and 8:00pm from Monday to Thursday, and all day from Friday – Sunday.


For any age, if your primary concern is sleep or bedtime battles. On the consult we discuss your current situation, your child’s sleep associations, the ideal nap schedule for their age, my suggested bedtime and nap routine, and my recommended sleep training technique in detail. I will look at the sleep environment and show you exactly how to conduct the routine and put your child down for sleep. This package includes follow up support while you implement the plan. The support in this package is mainly provided daily on Whatsapp, coupled with two 15 minute calls to be used any time.


For age 2.5 years and up, to discuss your behaviour concerns (NOT SLEEP related). Includes an intake, consult, detailed written recap, and one follow up zoom. We discuss the behaviour plan in detail, and I give you the tools you need to handle anything that comes up. This can be for potty training, sibling rivalry, picky eating, tantrums, gaining general cooperation, etc. I am happy to answer 1-2 emails after the consult to keep you on track.
If the main behaviour problem is around sleep routines and going to or staying asleep, you may want to have the two weeks of follow up coaching in the Sleep Support Package. If you think you just need a sleep / behaviour plan and can follow it without my two weeks of coaching, feel free to book the Parenting Support Package.

Ready to get some help with baby/child sleep or other parenting problems? Your next steps:

  1. Click the blue circle below (BOOK SLEEP NOW) or click to go to >>my online calendar<<. You can book an evening consult or a 15-minute call, to learn about my approach and discuss your questions.
  2. On the 15-minute call, I can book you in for a consult if you choose to go forward.
  3. Click the green “e-mail me now” link below if you prefer to email any questions instead.
  4. Saturdays and Sundays that are not already bookable in my calendar are by special request only, please inquire in an email or on the 15 minute call.

Spaces are limited, don’t wait! After the consult your sleep or behaviour plan will be delivered within 24 hours and you can start the sleep plan anytime that suits you. After you start the sleep plan we keep in contact via email, WhatsApp, or phone to answer questions, make tweaks, recap progress and to encourage you along the way.

The sleep plans I provide are very detailed and straightforward. Most of my families are able to take my sleep plan and run with it — it is so easy to follow! I don’t count text messages or make my clients fill out any complicated sleep logs and I don’t hound them for details. I aim to make myself available when YOU need me! My goal is to have you be self sufficient with your child’s sleep routine.

Rest assured you have the BEST sleep consultant around, at your fingertips! Trusted by hundreds of families. I provide the BEST baby sleep advice you will find anywhere. I have been sleep training since 2013 and now enjoy working repeat clients who trust me with their second / third babies :).

The Best Sleep Consultant in Saskatchewan!