Baby and Child Sleep Consulting Services

Welcome to Element Sleep!  I have been a Certified Child and Baby Sleep Consultant since 2013 and maintain certification in good standing with the Family Sleep Institute. I am a Certified Parent Coach® and Child Behaviour Specialist as well.

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I offer simple tools for you to become a well-rested family and a better parent. Using experience, science-backed, honest and straightforward advice, I customize a plan for your situation and child.
Why should you hire me to be your sleep consultant? 
  • you dread bedtime & you argue over whose “turn it is to get up”
  • you struggle to remember the last time you had 7-8 hours of straight sleep (hello brain fog!)
  • you are losing your patience with your other children, your sleepless baby/child, or your spouse
Well you’ve definitely come to the right place!
  • I’ve helped hundreds of families achieve a well-rested home, peaceful bedtimes, and happy children.  I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • In-home consults are available for Saskatoon and surrounding area.
  • I offer remote international consults to tired parents across the world using whatsapp and FaceTime. 
  • Remote consults bring you just as much information as an in-home consult and are equally as successful! 
  • Book a free 15-minute call by clicking the link above.  During this call you can ask questions, get to know me and my process and decide whether it’s a good fit for you to work with me. 

15-minute free calls: Available now, >>click to book<<.

Paid Consults: booking for October 25/26 and beyond: >>Click to check availability or to BOOK NOW!<<

I’m now booking for the end of October and into November.  I will not be taking any new clients from October 27- Nov 3 inclusive due to another commitment.  Clients booking the RESCUE or DELUXE plans get 2 weeks of coaching support (LITE plan gets 1 week).  Clients booking for October 25 or 26 should be aware that all client phone and chat support to implement the sleep plan will be provided to them daily from 4PM – 10 PM from Oct 27-Nov 1.   15 minute appointments are also available those evenings.

  • Look for any 15-minute time slots in the calendar to book introductory calls.
  • If a time slot of more than 15 minutes is free,  you can book any type of consult at that time, and introductory 15-minute calls are welcome too.

Is the time you want not on my site?

Please email me at, or text me at 306-227-6381 for last minute appointments, if the time you want is not listed on my site. I strive to provide the absolute best customer service and will do my best to accommodate your last minute needs. Sleep is important and you need your ZZZs!

Now accepting clients with babies born mid-June 2019 or earlier!

Baby and Child Sleep Consulting Packages

AGE 4 months  – 2.5 YRS
Choose from 3 Packages:
LITE PLAN: $200 (via video or phone)
Perfect if:
  • You’re “almost there” with your baby or child’s sleep (they wake one per night and are taking decent enough naps now)
  • You’re feeling fairly confident but want my help to get to the finish line, to fix their schedule, or eliminate the one waking
  • Includes a 60-minute phone or video call
  • 1 week of chat support
RESCUE PLAN: $350 (in your home or via video/phone)

Perfect if:

  • You want me to come to your home (Saskatoon and surrounding area) and evaluate baby’s sleep environment and demonstrate exactly how to put them down for sleep
  • Your baby or child’s nights + naps are currently less than optimal (they nap for 30/40 minutes only and wake more than once or twice per night)
  • Your child has sleep associations (rocking, feeding), refuses to nap at all or can only nap on you
  • Only you (mama) can put your baby down for sleep (they won’t accept Dad for the bedtime routine)
  • Includes a 90-minute in home, phone or video call
  • 2 weeks of chat and phone support
DELUXE PLAN: $500 (in your home or via video/phone)

Perfect if:

  • Your child has never slept independently
  • You need lots of hand holding & are very nervous about it
  • You want to be able to call me 24/7 for help (3am calls ok!)
  • Includes a 90-minute in home, phone or video call
  • 2 weeks of chat and 24/7 phone support
  • ONE YEAR of additional FREE support for any changes or regressions
AGE 2.5 YRS plus
1 Package available: 60 minute Child Behaviour Consult / $130

I am a Child Behaviour Specialist through The Early Years Inc.  For age 2.5 and up, we can work instead on a behavioural level to give you the positive parenting tools you need. A 60-minute call is available for $130.00, find out more about the service here.  This includes a video or phone call and a multi-page written recap.

You will be equipped to tackle everything from bedtime battles , potty readiness, temper tantrums to picky eating.  Book that service by clicking here.

I can bring you the important tools you need to learn how to discipline without losing your temper while maintaining a great relationship with your child.

Discussing bedtime battles can take almost the whole hour call. Of course I weave in the applicable positive discipline concepts throughout, but if you want to cover other areas such as potty training or picky eating, please book a second call at a time that is convenient for you.

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All of the plans are guaranteed to result in better sleep for your whole family!
1. Do you use “Cry It Out”?
No. My sleep training methods are NOT about cry-it-out. What I do is tell you how to optimize the nap times, bed times, and the actual steps of the bedtime routine to ensure minimal crying.  The biggest part we focus on is HOW your child falls asleep, and I support you to eliminate those sleep associations that are not helping your family stay well-rested.
2. When do I start the plan?
You know your child/family best. Anytime that suits you and your family is when you should do it. After our initial call or visit, you can start the plan anytime you’d like even if it is days/weeks later. My support and coaching starts after you start the plan. I hold your hand the entire way!
3. What if it doesn’t work for my baby?
99% of my families see amazing results in two weeks or less. I work with families until I’m satisfied that things are as good as they can be given the child’s age and temperament.

What results can you expect after working with me?


-Your baby (4 months – around 7 months) will: sleep 11-12 hours and wake for 1 feed (we can do as many feeds as you want) &  take the appropriate amount of naps,  each being 1-2 hours

-Your baby (8 months and up) will: sleep 11 – 12 hours at night and & take the appropriate amount of naps,  each being 1-2 hours

-Your toddler will: sleep 11-12 hours at night and have a restful nap of 1-2 hours

-Your preschooler (up to age 3yrs) will: sleep 11-12 hours and we work to ensure they take a restful nap that doesn’t interfere with bedtime

-Your child (age 3 – 5yrs) will: go to bed easily and sleep the whole night

NOTE: All of my plans take time and consistency, with my coaching and support through the entire plan you can do it!




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